The Need

The worldwide church is exploding, experiencing its most expansive growth ever. Yet in the U.S. it is shrinking. In 1900 there were 27 churches for every 10,000 people. Today there are 8. Secularism, postmodernity, relativism, and individualism are all pushing the U.S. church to the margins.  

As a result, the U.S. is currently one of the largest mission fields on the planet, with 250 million people who don’t attend church. Like a desert in need of water, our country is in need of gospel transformation. This transformation happens through healthy churches. 

In 1900 there were 27 churches in America for every 10,000 people. By 1950 it had shrunk to 17. By 2000 there were 11. Today there are only 8 churches per 10,000 people.
— Ted Powers, Church Planting Coordinator Mission to North America


Church plants are 8 times more effective than established churches in reaching the lost. This means that church plants are best equipped to make a dent in the 250M and help bring about gospel transformation. Which means we have work to do. If we want to see the kingdom flourish in our country, we need to plant healthy churches that plant more healthy churches. 

The Northwest

In our increasingly secular country, one of the most secular areas is the Northwest. There has been a concerted effort to plant churches in Seattle and Portland and along the I-5 corridor to meet this need, and it is having positive effects. However, there has been less of a push in some of the smaller communities in central Washington.

Every church was planted by someone. Someone at some point had a vision to have a Methodist, or Episcopal, or Presbyterian church in as many towns as possible. As decades have passed, many of those churches have floundered. Like a forest that has been cut down, leaving a bald spot on a mountain, so throughout the Pacific Northwest there are bald spots with no healthy, gospel churches. We need a fresh work of the Spirit to energize the church in order to plant a new grove of churches.