“Nothing else—not crusades, outreach programs, para-church ministries, growing mega-churches, congregational consulting, nor church renewal processes—will have the consistent impact of dynamic, extensive church planting.”
— Tim Keller


When the gospel takes root in people’s lives, marriages are renewed, families strengthened, neighborhoods transformed, and whole communities changed. The gospel transforms everything and brings about flourishing in all of life. Churches are not an end; they are a means of seeing this transformation and flourishing come to life. We plant churches to be outposts of God’s kingdom throughout the world. It is through churches that God’s kingdom comes to earth and cities are transformed.

Imagine for a moment what could happen if the gospel took root in the hearts and minds of your neighbors. It would transform your neighborhood.

Imagine for a moment what could happen if the gospel took rook in the hearts and minds of several neighborhoods in a city. It would transform your city.

The question, then, is how. How does this happen? Through healthy churches scattered in neighborhoods throughout a city. When churches equip people to live out the gospel in all of life, communities are transformed. This is the work that God has called us to. 

 If we want to see God's kingdom come, then our neighborhoods and cities need church plants—churches that look like their neighborhood, churches that are there to serve and love their part of the city, churches that are so ingrained in their neighborhood that the people would notice if they weren’t there. 

Our vision is to see central Washington experience this kind of gospel transformation.

Our Mission

The gospel is not just the illustration of an idea. It is the story of actions by which the human situation is irreversibly changed.
— Leslie Newbigin

Our mission is to plant churches that treasure the good news of the gospel above all else—the good news being God is reconciling and redeeming all of creation to himself through his Son. When we grow in the love of God we are led to be people who love our neighbors and cities. If we want to see God's kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, then our neighborhoods and cities need church plants that love and serve in the power is Jesus Christ. 

An entire grove of aspen trees starts with a single seed. The roots grow deep and then, emerging from the ground, grow out and up, sprouting new trees. Those new saplings sprout more and so on. Meanwhile the entire grove has just one shared root structure. This makes them strong and able to withstand disasters and forest fires.

Much like how a grove of aspen trees spreads:

Our mission is to plant a grove of churches in central Washington.