Like anything worth doing well, this process will not be as quick as we would hope. Just like a grove of trees dontt sprout up overnight, neither does a grove of churches. It takes time.

Years 1-2 - Preparing


The first stage in our preparation is already underway. We are laying the foundation and preparing ourselves for church planting by partnering with Christ Church Bellingham in Northwest Washington, where I (Craig) am completing a church planting residency. I am nearing the end of the PCA ordination process, fundraising for the church plant, and building a core team.” 

Years 3-6 - Planting 

The next few years will be establishing the roots of the church plant so that it can be a healthy, self-sustaining entity. We will move to our plant site and begin to meet weekly with our core team while we build momentum and launch the church plant. This phase will be focused on evangelism, leader training/development, and honing the vision for the church. Once the church is established, we will bring other staff and church planter residents onboard and begin to make preparations to plant a new parish church.  


Years 7- 10 - reproducing


After the initial church is established, we will begin the process of planting a daughter church. During this phase we will identify the next plant location, bring on a church planting resident, and continue to raise up leaders in the church to help plant a second multiplying church in central Washington.

Right now we are fundraising for the two-year residency, where we will be refreshed, equipped and propelled into lifelong ministry. For this to be a lasting work, we need people like you to be willing to invest.

Would you consider partnering with us?